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News and Social Media essay 4-24-2013 Sheila Bitts

Readership and viewership are the market forces that determine the sway of activity in the broadcast news industry. According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, which I located on line through the internet, “an increase in the demand for on-line news and pod casts” “may offset downsizing” of journalists in news organizations.

Advertising is the key source of revenue for news organizations. Social media introduces more daily super bowl size opportunities as many people check their social media daily. Also, pod casts offer itunes and net vibes connectivity when following one’s favorite journalist such as Anderson Cooper.

Speed and depth is essentially the appeal of many social media sources. One many hear about a world event on the television news, then quickly access a multitude of journalists’ video footage coverage through Youtube. Just looking-up the “Boston bomber” on Youtube gives one access to immediate coverage that one may access without waiting for a set time to be aired on a television. There are twenty news reels of coverage on just one page. One with over one million views although posted only five days ago. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSlRHJv1nnA)
Imagine the quality of news if skilled camera people and journalists were at all those uploaded Youtube scenes. Still, Youtube up-loaders might be able to use their social media plug-in to Facebook email their favorite news media with whom to share an exclusive video.

Facebook and LinkedIn provide more personal, one-on-one connectivity for its users to network in both their private as well professional lives. Each of those two social networks also may connect to view news pages and personalities. Facebook gives one the ability to have chat and comments on public news pages at the same time. This multitasking option gives a wide audience the ability to connect on news pages while touching base with a private contact.

Twitter is by far my favorite social media for journalism as one may have international friends as well as the other social networks, but also may focus on shorter, news-driven sound-bytes. Tweeting and re-tweeting gauges the following people have to form news-analyzing groups of friends. News professionals lead the culture of democratic chatting with twitter. News companies save money, too when their coverage gets re-tweeted, for this is additional exposure without paying for airtime.

Ultimately, it is American democrasy which wins when social media is optimized. According to Nielsen’s Social Media Report 2012, ” total time spent on social media in the U.S. across PCs and mobile devices increased 37 percent to 121 billion minutes in July 2012, compared to 88 billion in July 2011.” With libraries offering free internet services, even poorer communities have been able to contribute to on-line discussions and gain access to up-to-date news coverage. Also, Blogger and WordPress social medias offer free options to concentrate on world news discussions.

In summary, broadcast news is made more accessible with social media through the library-like quality of free and constant access to its reports. Other advertising space becomes available to news companies and also coverage becomes more convenient to the viewer.


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